Turks and Caicos

The trip of a lifetime, and to celebrate a life, describes the Christmas vacation on Turks and Caicos. A QueenBo contributor and veteran traveler, Theresa Reed, traveled with two families to the archipelago.

A traditional Christmas was not in cards for the family in 2016. Her mother recently passed, and the decision was made to travel in her mother’s honor. The families booked a first-class retreat to nourish the family, rest, and to get away the holiday rush of the Washington DC area.

Embarking on a inclusive resort like Sandals or Beaches was passed over for La Koubba Villa, a private and secluded vacation home. Located in Provedenciales, the gateway island is home to expansive Grace Bay Beach. The villa is a six bedroom, or could be seven if the guest house near the pool is used.  With its dual staircase, gourmet kitchen, beach location and private pool, it is a luxurious retreat. The interior is furnished with unique and eclectic pieces, with unforgettable garden and ocean views. The design is influenced from Europe, the Orient, and the Middle East. The villa is located at the southern cove of Chalk Sound.

“Happiness with the villa was an understatement. It was ecstasy–like living in a picture perfect postcard,” said our contributor T. Reed.

On day 1, the family floated on our rafts, snorkeled, kayaked and paddle boarded in the most beautiful turquoise water. The sand was beautiful with starfish and marine life everywhere in clear waters.

As Americans, venturing into Turks and Caicos required some bravery driving on the left side of road. The island is a British territory, but its amazing how quickly one adapts to the roads.

Some highlights for your trip there:

Take in the sunset at Magnolia Restaurant and Wine Bar. There is a a magnificent view, great wine and food.

“Somewhere” Restaurant and Beachfront in Grace Bay Beach is great for lunch. The beach is fun with with sea turtles and more marine life.

Bugaloos Bar and Grille, on the sound. It’s picturesque Caribbean complete with roosters running about,  a beautiful Tiki Bar and Restaurant right smack on the blue water with a mountain view in the distance. It’s breathtaking. The outside tables have beautiful full grown trees growing up through the middle of them. Wine and dine on conch and fresh fish.  The local Kitty will also say hello.  The cocktails are everything one would imagine on an island. From Rum Runners to Pina Coladas, to everything in between.  If you collect shells, this is the place.

On Christmas Eve, a grand time was booked on a private yacht through a company called Island Vibes. The company took the family out out on their catamaran holding at least 15 people, drinks and lunch included. When anchored, the family snorkeled and the marine life was unbelievable to see and experience.

The yacht company was top notch with their snorkel gear and navigating everyone to the best reefs on Grace Bay. The beauty of the sea life was again something to behold. As veteran snorkelers, the family was blown away.

Captain John made it a day to remember. Not only is he the captain, he is also a chef.  For Christmas Eve dinner, they dined on freshly caught mahi, shrimp and conch.

The last couple days the family let the time pass by and and enjoyed everything the island had to offer. As a family, they reminded themselves of their blessings, being together, celebrating family and remembering the love of their late mother.

Be it romantic or a family affair, Turks and Caicos should be on your list. It is everything, for every family.