Gimme Shelter

Since the end of 2020, I have been thinking about our life at home. Its been a 12 months, since March 2020, we have been basically at home staying safe from contracting Covid-19.

This has not been altogether a bad thing. But like you, I miss so many things–hugs, restaurants, traveling and friends. I am grateful, we are safe, we are healthy. I feel for my extroverted friends, they really miss the energy of the real world, but the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter.

The grind of homeschooling and work, cleaning and cooking (kill me) has been relentless. As we continue to move past the full year mark of staying at home, my focus has turned to personal space and interesting moments. We have had time to rethink and reassess our homes. The pandemic has influenced new patterns in our homes and numerous trips to Home Depot. Home gyms, gardens with firepits, decluttering, is making the most of being home.

Many of us have transformed our lives and the way we live them. We have spent more hours at home in the past year more than any other, which has seen a focus on interior design, gourmet cooking, starting new hobbies, outdoor activities, and the desire to find calm in a chaotic home life. There has been a chance to help others, donate, and provide space for forgiveness. This has been a chance to rethink how to live our lives fully and with meaning. Are you part of the change?