May the 4th Be With You

On this Star Wars Day, I celebrate my love of Carrie Fisher. She is an inspiration even now as I re-read her novels, screenplays, memoirs, and published journals with Star Wars playing in the background.

We know the stories of battling addiction, alcoholism, depression and bipolar disorder. Also sexism and ageism. And like many of us, she struggled with her weight but managed to get back in shape to reprise her role as General Leia. She was not perfect but she was hilarious, bright, kind, and honest. She managed to get better with age, both mine and hers. She persisted and was brave.

She gave me a hero as a child and a role model as an adult. She put into words difficult taboos and everyday hassles with sarcasm that makes life funny and spunky. That was her gift to us. I miss her and wish she was here to provide words of hope and humor.