Have you thought about the importance to set aside time for yourself? Even just wasting time by listening to a great song or sitting quietly? Binge watching Netflix does not count!

Mark time for yourself on your calendar, just as you would any meeting or appointment.

Being alone takes practice if you thrive on energy from others. We read somewhere that solitude is a cure for loneliness. Setting aside time for yourself is healthy.

If you can’t do alone time easily, try wasting it. Here’s some ideas on wasting time from an expert:

Create a new playlist, decide on a your theme song
Read Shakespeare or Nora Ephron
Watch Casablanca, The Godfather, Annie Hall
Go to a cafe and people watch
Learn something meaningful to you
Go on a hike and connect with nature
Take a nap with your animals
Read beautiful cooking books

Here’s a link to getting out on your own. It’s great and enjoy the freedom and adventure.

Source DCist