Pop and Fizz! Champagne Day is Friday October 22, 2021

The fourth Friday in October of each year is a glorious holiday for us at the Queen and the Bohemian. It marks International Champagne Day.

Since we are celebrating Champagne, it’s only right that we provide some inspired advice on what to buy and how to serve it.  

What to Buy

With this collection of our personal faves you’ll have good choices on what to buy for your celebration. 

A few of my favorites…

Louis de Sacy Grand Cru Brut: $35/bottle if you buy it by the case online. Distribution is hard to find in the DC area, so purchase online. 

Mailly black label: $46/bottle. Solid choice.

Charles de Marques (in DC/VA this is sold only at Trader Joe’s): $21/bottle. Best value on the market. Great for your everyday champagne to keep in the refrigerator. Drinks like a $40 bottle.

De Margerie orange label: $48/bottle. Crafted and bottled by Georges Vesselle, in the area of Bouzy, known as one of the finest in the Champagne region.

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut: $46/bottle. Love this crowd pleaser’s flowery/fruity bouquet.

Bollinger Special Cuvée: $75/bottle, what Queen Elizabeth drinks EXCLUSIVELY.

Laurent Perrier: $50/bottle, a one size fits all bubbly.

Other brands

In addition to some above, here are other labels often found at grocery stores everywhere. Unfortunately most grocery stores charge $20-$30/bottle over a Total Wine or online price so they will cost closer to $60-$70/bottle – but when you’re desperate, you’re desperate. Ranked in order of preference:

GH Mumm Cordon Rouge (not to be confused with Mumm Napa from California)



Pommery blue label

Moët & Chandon Imperial

Veuve Clicquot

Piper Heideseck

What to eat

The best foods to pair with champagne are steak, white truffle, fried potatoes, fried chicken, light fish, caviar, oysters, macaroni and cheese.  I mean, how can you go wrong?

Keep it cold

Experts in this article claim champagne is best consumed at 47° F (vintage bottIes at 51° F). We disagree. 

We never drink champagne that warm. 37° F is optimal (same as your kitchen refrigerator). At a restaurant if it is kept in the same cooler with the white wines which are only 55° F, request a bucket of ice water to chill it down more. 10 minutes should do the trick. Most places will inevitably bring you a stainless steel white wine chiller/cooler cylinder with some cubes in it.  This won’t even keep your champagne cold, much less get it colder, so kindly send it back.  Nevertheless, she persisted……

Use white wine glasses – go figure!

We are champagne lovers.  We’ll drink it out of any glass. However, recently experts are say using a tulip shape (kind of like a white white) glass is best for the aromas/bubbles. 

Here’s to celebrating your favorite bottle of champagne with your favorite people. Let’s raise a glass and toast to the sparkling wine that only comes from Champagne, France. You can’t buy happiness, but you CAN buy champagne!